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The Panel, 20th June 2008

24th June, 2008
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Photo thanks to C E

Friday’s panel. Left to right:
Artist, Architect, NGO/Labor Rights Advisor, Art Critic, China Historian

Beijing book launch for WORKERS 工人

20th June, 2008


Beijing book launch of WORKERS 工人
Panel discussion and book signing
Speakers: Helen Couchman, Stacey Duff, art critic for Time Out Beijing (US), Wang Kan NGO Director of ZXD (China), John Pauline, PTW Architects (Australia), moderated by Jeremiah Jenne, Qing Dynasty historian.
The Bookworm, 20th June 2008

Beijing book launch of WORKERS. by Helen Couchman. China 2008

WORKERS 工人 – Beijing book launch

20th June, 2008

Beijing Book Launch for WORKERS by Helen Couchman June 2008Panel discussion and book launch with:

John Pauline – director, PTW Architects, Wang Kan – secretary general, China On Action, Stacey Duff – writer and art critic, Time Out, Helen Couchman – artist.

7.30pm at The Bookworm, Building 4, Sanlitun Nan Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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