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‘WORKERS 工人’ on exhibit in Beijing featured in Accademia Apulia News

17th April, 2012

Helen Couchman’s work on show in Beijing

In December 2007 Helen Couchman, member of Accademia Apulia UK, photographed a large group of Chinese workers engaged in the construction work of the 2008 Olympic park. Couchman chose a specific group of labourers, employed to build the iconic ‘bird’s nest’ stadium and the Olympic swimming pool. 

The 143 portraits that resulted are contained in an amazing book WORKERS. Between 11th of April and 8th May 2012 thirty portraits from the WORKERS series will be on show at swanky Yihe Hotel in the Chaoyang district of Beijing. The portraits will be part of a group exhibition, Heyi 798 Art Project, curated by renowned curatorial duo Wong Jun and He Bing. 

The group exhibition, under the wing of Gabriela Salgado (formerly Curator of Public Programmes at The Tate Modern) will include some one hundred established artists showing an interesting sample of eclectic creativity. 

For more information about the series ‘WORKERS’ see www.website-test-lab.com/sites/ssp 

For more information about the project in book form see, ‘WORKERS’ see www.soloshowpublishing.com

The Heyi 798 Art Project will be on show until 8th May 2012 at the Yihe Hotel, 9 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Dashanzi, Chaoyang District, Beijing.


Beijing book launch for WORKERS 工人

20th June, 2008


Beijing book launch of WORKERS 工人
Panel discussion and book signing
Speakers: Helen Couchman, Stacey Duff, art critic for Time Out Beijing (US), Wang Kan NGO Director of ZXD (China), John Pauline, PTW Architects (Australia), moderated by Jeremiah Jenne, Qing Dynasty historian.
The Bookworm, 20th June 2008

Beijing book launch of WORKERS. by Helen Couchman. China 2008