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Private fantasies, creative vulnerability - Christine Laskowski
China Daily, March

Expatriate art thrives in China - Dan Levin
International Herald Tribune, January

For Expatriates in China, Creative Lives of Plenty - Dan Levin
New York Times, January


Mrs West's Hats - Carole Denford
The Hat Magazine No.43. November

Hats off to new book - Yolanda Carslaw
Country Life Magazine, November

Mrs West's Hats
Dakai Magazine, October


The Age online,, audio slide show, They built this city - Mary-Anne Toy

The Age newspaper, (7th August) Silent workers get their moment to shine before the games begin - Mary-Anne Toy. Melbourne

The Sydney Morning Herald, (7th August) Workers - Mary-Anne Toy

That's Beijing (August issue) Helen Couchman's Workers feature - Peter Walters

ESPN Star Sports Singapore (August) interview and television short by Christy Simson. Beijing

Beijing 2008 Image of the day (13 August) Building a dream, - television short by Jennifer Eden.

South China Morning Post (30 July) Photographer puts faces to construction on iconic Games sites - Ng Tze-Wei. Hong Kong

Urbane Magazine (July issue) Coffee Table Q&A, WORKERS 工人 - Kit Gillet. Beijing

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (30 June) CBC Radio One, Q: Arts and Culture, - live interview with Jian Ghomeshi, London

China Radio International (21 June), Images of Chinese Migrant Workers in Foreign Artist's Lens - interview with Xiao yu. Beijing

Polskie Radio Europe (15 July) 7 do Sajewicza, - interview with Tomasz Sajewicz, Beijing

Polish Television Information Agency (July) television short - Robert Goralczyk. Beijing

The New Yorker, (19 June) The Book Bench, WORK UNIT - Ligaya Mishan.

Danwei, (17 June) Workers book launch - Jeremy Goldkorn. Beijing

Jottings from the Granite Studio, (16 June) Two Bookworm events this week for those of us still left in Beijing... - by Jeremiah Jenne. Beijing.

City Weekend Magazine (6 June issue) Explain your art - WORKERS 工人. Beijing